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Realistic, display-quality boat accessories.
Constructo accessories

  • From barrels to belaying pins, Constructo accessories add dramatic scale detail to any boat.
  • All are crafted to create the most authentic look possible.

CNSB0005 Blocks 3 mm (20)
CNSB0011 Block & Tackle 5 mm (20)
CNSB0026 Chain Brass 2 mm, 1 m length
CNSB0027 Chain Brass 2.5 mm, 1 length
CNSB0042 Steering Wheel Brass 23mm (2)
CNSB0061 Bright Thread .50 mm 30 m length
CNSB0062 Bright Thread .75 mm 15 m length
CNSB0063 Dark Thread .50 mm 25 m length
CNSB0064 Dark Thread .75 mm 10 m length
CNSB0076 Brass Guns 28x4.5 mm (8)
CNSB0077 Brass Guns 36x6 mm (6)
CNSB0107 Wood Strips Ayous 2x6x1000 mm (10)
CNSB0143 Wood Strips Sapelly 1x5x1000 mm (10)
CNSB0147 Wood Strips Sapelly 2x6x1000 mm (10)

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