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Realistic, display-quality boat accessories.
Constructo accessories

  • From barrels to belaying pins, Constructo accessories add dramatic scale detail to any boat.
  • All are crafted to create the most authentic look possible.

CNSB0005 Blocks 3 mm (20)
CNSB0026 Chain Brass 2 mm, 1 m length
CNSB0027 Chain Brass 2.5 mm, 1 length
CNSB0061 Bright Thread .50 mm 30 m length
CNSB0063 Dark Thread .50 mm 25 m length
CNSB0064 Dark Thread .75 mm 10 m length
CNSB0076 Brass Guns 28x4.5 mm (8)
CNSB0077 Brass Guns 36x6 mm (6)
CNSB0107 Wood Strips Ayous 2x6x1000 mm (10)
CNSB0147 Wood Strips Sapelly 2x6x1000 mm (10)

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