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Bravo III CX - Ready-to-Fly Coaxial EP Nano Heli

You are the pilot and your mission is simple: have fun! . And with the Bravo III, you can be mission-ready fast, because it comes ready-to-fly and equipped with everything you need.

Open the box and it's all there. A 2.4GHz radio with dual rates and a built-in charger. A flight battery that ensures long flights, but recharges in minutes. A screwdriver and instructions. And the factory-built Bravo III CX, complete with a military-style camo trim scheme and the extra stability of a two-blade coaxial head.

Charge the flight battery — and you're ready for takeoff!

Everything's included!Fully assembled and completely equipped!

The Bravo III CX — iit's test-flown and ready to fly the minute you open the box. The fuselage is already finished and attached — and the blades, motors and other onboard gear are installed. Charge the pack — and you're good to go!

2.4GHz Radio System — compact and interference-free, with a built-in battery charger and dual rates. And the 4 "AA" cells it needs are included — not required!

Twin, counter-rotating main blades— the two blades rotate in opposite directions, which makes the Bravo III CX extremely stable, easy to fly and (just as importantly) easy to hover, too.

3.7V 110mAh LiPo Battery Pack — the latest in lightweight , long-lasting power. It recharges on the radio and gives you up to 10 minutes of flying time on a full charge.

Instructions* & a Screwdriver — Essentials for any flight package.

*Not pictured.

Twin LEDs give the Bravo III CX realistic looks and landing lights. One points ahead — the other points down to illuminate the LZ (Landing Zone)!

Rotor Diameter:
7-3/8 in (188 mm)
Overall Length: 8-5/8 in (219 mm)
Weight: 1.1 oz (31 g)
Power System: (2) main drive motors
Stock Number: NEAE0005


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