Phoenix Model® Dolphin 40 ARF

Open the box, and it's already 90%+ complete.

Phoenix Dolphin 40 ARF

The Dolphin ARF eases the transition from trainer to 2nd plane by eliminating building time from the equation. Open the box, and it' already 90%+ complete. The balsa/ply airframe is 100% handmade; the hardware package is complete and the covering is well and thoughtfully applied. Wing tops are done in a very visible "starburst" trim scheme. Wing bottoms are done in a contrasting scheme that makes it easy to tell which end is up, even at a distance. There's also a large wing area that creates lots of lift; a thick airfoil that prevents speed built-up during dives, and a long tail moment that helps the Dolphin track true during loops, rolls, snaps, spins and more. Stable on approach and capable of soft, slow landings, it also has full-length strip ailerons for exploring basic aerobatics.

Stock Number: PMMA0250
Wingspan: 61.4 in (1559 mm)
Wing Area: 653 in² (42.18 dm²)
Weight: 5.25 lb (2831 g)
Wing Loading: 24 oz/ft² (73 g/dm²)
Length: 46.5 in (1180 mm)
Requires: 4-channel radio w/4 servos, 2-stroke .40-.46 engine, glow fuel and support equipment
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